Looking 4 Answers to Career Questions?

Our name says it all ... we really do have Answers for Dancers. We reach out to new members to let them know we’ll answer any questions ... big or small.

We’ve recently been ‘chatting via email’ with a mom of a new member who’s finishing up her senior year of college.

Realizing her daughter’s dance career could require a big move to New York City or Los Angeles, this supportive mom has lots of questions. And so do many of our newest members.

Questions about headshots and agents and cruise ships and dance companies ... this is where most conversations begin. How do I set up my resume? When can I audition for an agent? What do I wear to an audition? How does anybody do this?

Lucky for anyone with all these important questions, we’ve already got the answers on the website waiting to be discovered... It’s what sets Answers4Dancers apart from the crowd. Real people, real answers, real help is here for the asking!




Delaney performed in Mariah Carey’s Christmas show and is currently signed by MSA. She was clearly ready, but what about your dancer?