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As we enter another new phase for Broadway’s return, July brought a mask-optional policy for theatergoers. While the idea of easing up on COVID restrictions is appealing, it also poses a threat for the talent that brings Broadway shows to the stage.

When A4D’s NaTonia Monét heard about the new policy, she tweeted out a reminder that this could cause a danger to an already fragile industry, her message went viral and the story was picked up by Spectrum News NY1 TV.

NaTonia has always spoken her mind about the things she believes in… she’s always at the forefront of speaking out for the issues that are important to her. And she’s passionate about her Broadway career… she has worked so hard to be a swing in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.

In her television interview, NaTonia reminded everyone, ‘This is not just a hobby for us, this is our livelihood. If we’re out and we can’t perform, we’re not getting paid either.’

NaTonia is an intelligent and articulate dancer. She speaks out when others might be hesitant. Her voice was heard and she reminds all of us that we must remain vigilant. Asking audiences to wear a mask for the duration of a Broadway show is a small price to pay for the return of the heartbeat of New York City.

You can catch NaTonia’s interview on Spectrum News NY! Television below. And Bravo! to NaTonia for standing up for her convictions and for the industry she loves…

You can read the full interview here -



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