Tools 4 Racial Justice

Answers4dancers has created this page for dancers, their friends, and families to find resources to help us understand the racial inequality that many members of our A4D community face. It's time for all of us to step up to listen, act, and change the narrative. We have created a compilation of sources that will help you find some of the answers you might be looking for during this difficult moment.

It's time for everyone to take ACTION. It's not enough to have good intentions if we turn a blind eye to the reality that faces many of our black members. We can do so much better and this is a first step. Learn about the history. Learn about the issues. Find a way to understand the systemic and pervasive practices that throw obstacles in the path of dancers of color. We can all do something and the time is now to begin that conversation. Please read this publication and visit all of the links until you reach the end. Find one thing that you can do to help and we can begin the healing process. NOTE: For full screen view, click on the dashed square icon in the lower right next to the magnifying glass icon.

Many thanks to Dancer To Watch Stephanie Scull for her contribution to this effort.

Here are a few videos included in the flipbook:

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