How 2 Book a Cruise Ship

book cruise ship
Member Mary Roberts with dancers on cruise ship

Long-time A4D member, Mary Roberts, shares her journey through the industry shutdown and gives tips on how to book a cruise ship contract.

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Performance Tips 4 Dancers

book cruise ship
Grover Dale shares performance tips

A4D's founder, Grover Dale, inspires dancers to reach deep inside to bring performance power to every time they audition or take the stage.

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How 2 Overcome Audition Fears

fear auditions
Tips for navigating the pressure of auditions

Here are three key takeaways that you can implement today to become more confident—and more resilient at auditions. Walk into your next audition with new confidence.

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What Drives Answers4Dancers?

why a4d header
Learn why Grover Dale started A4D in 1999... It's still going strong

Auditions, agents, repeat bookings, demo reels, social networking, visibility... You'll find all of that and more on Answers4dancers. Learn more.

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Makeup Tips 4 Auditions

makeup page header
Wondering how to apply your makeup for auditions?

Professional Makeup Artist and A4D member Emily Dann teaches you how to apply audition proof makeup with step-by-step tutorials. She also includes tips for your audition.

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Celebrate Direct Bookings!

Grover pulls the plug on Career gains

'Sometimes they happen,' claims Grover, 'when you least expect it.  Preparing yourself for them is an exciting and humbling experience.'  

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Successful Auditions?

audition secrets
Tyce D'Orio teaches combo at audition

Before you dance a step, choreographers begin to evaluate you and pick up signals. They see it you walk in the door, drop your dance bag, show signs of being nervous...

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What 2 Wear 2 Auditions

wear auds
Looking for audition outfit tips?

You found a great audition that seems perfect. But now the big question is what should I wear? How do I know what's expected and what should I bring along if I miss the mark?

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Pros On The Cut

pors cut
Travis Payne, choreographer

Read what eight pros have to offer on the subject of getting cut at auditions. These insights will help you process how getting cut is all part of the business and what you can learn from it.

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Slow At Picking Up Steps

slow steps
Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles

You may need help with your ability to pick up steps quicker. One good way is take extra classes (out of your comfort zone) where duplicating the moves will challenge you.

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Audition Wins

audition wins
Broadway Dance Center

Pros often remind us that booking one out of every ten jobs is realistic. Okay. Makes sense. But what do we take away from the 9 jobs we didn't get?

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How Much Dancers Earn

how much dancers
A Chorus Line

Curious about how much dancers earn? And how much do different types of dance jobs pay? Read more about different types of jobs here...

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Guide 2 Hi-Paying Jobs

high paying
Aladdin on Broadway

Working with stats provided by top agencies, we identified the most desireable skills employers are looking for at auditions. This is valuable info.

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The Power of Thank You

power thank
Suzy Miller and Grover Dale at Member Meet-Up

At a recent Member Meet-Up, staffer Suzy Miller was reminded just how powerful two little words can be... Thank You! It's another small way you can be smart about your career.

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