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This is the story of A4D’s Dani Albertina and her gamble to relocate from NYC to LA ... Little did she know two months later she’d find herself in a new city under quarantine lockdown. Sounds pretty scary, right? What Danielle did next will inspire you.

Instead of retreating, she launched a podcast called Dance Tips Daily and already has over 7,000 streams/downloads. We asked Danielle Albertina how her podcast journey unfolded?

How did you navigate your big move?
The adjustment from east coast to west was a bit of a challenge. I approached the move the same way I’ve managed my career… From the start, I established daily routines

and rituals (and that kept me balanced and helped me feel a sense of normalcy). Good thing because the shock of quarantine might have been daunting…

How did your daily plan lead you to the podcast?

My routines included a daily journal entry, listening to finance podcasts, followed by stretches/yoga (sometimes only for 5 minutes). Having a daily routine helped me navigate my new quarantine reality in a new city. And that inspired me to find a way to share the value of having a daily routine with the dance community... And that led to creating my podcast.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the experience?

The generosity of other authors and bloggers! I was surprised to have so many people onboard this passion project. I don’t make any money off the podcast and don’t have any sponsors (yet). I put in all the work, upkeep the social media, and fund the website because I believe in it. Getting emails or direct messages from young and seasoned dancers gives me that extra boost to keep curating, working, and sharing.

How does this fit into your career once the industry opens again?

Once the industry opens again, I’ll still be doing the podcast! As a dance educator, I’ve always kept up-to-date on research for teaching practices and love helping share dance with the next generation.

What can we expect to hear on your daily podcasts?

I produce a ‘short and sweet’ episode with tips that benefit dancers everyday! Within the episode, I narrate a blog or short article from dancer pros. Then I’ll include a daily challenge for how to apply the tips!

What’s your ultimate goal for the podcast?

To keep dancers inspired by practicing a positive daily routine while highlighting artists in the community who help make our dance world a brighter place!

Congratulations to Dani for her passion project to benefit dancers at every stage of their careers. Give it a listen. You’ll be glad you did!



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