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When A4D met NaTonia Monét over 10 years ago, we knew she was one determined dancer. She had her eye on her goals and never cut any corners to reach them. NaTonia’s trajectory and enviable determination knows no limit.

When we learned that NaTonia Monet was cast in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, we were ecstatic… Mostly because we’ve been there for so much of her journey. NaTonia picks up the story from here:

‘My agent from Take 3 Talent sent me the audition on a Monday. The dance portion was Tuesday, the callback to sing and read the songs and sides from the show was Wednesday. Thursday my agent called to tell me I was about to make my Broadway debut! And the very next day, I started rehearsal!

This was my third time auditioning for 'Tina'... My first audition was in late 2018. My second time was April 2019, and my third audition was this month and third time was the charm.’

So what’s the schedule look like for a dancer making her Broadway debut?

'It’s a two-week rehearsal process and right after that was my debu!'

NaTonia personifies the determination of dancers who are out there pounding the pavement looking for that ultimate big break that seems to elude so many. NaTonia never stopped working, training, taking class, and finding ways to get closer to her goal.

What an incredible example she sets for all of us. Never, ever give up and keep your eye on the prize… Congratulations NaTonia! This is so well-deserved!




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