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A4D members Amy Jordan and Brian Thomas have unbelievable news! Their documentary film project that’s been in the works for years has a release date!(VIDEO BELOW)

The film follows Amy’s journey from being run over by a NYC transit bus to her victorious recovery and message of hope. Here’s the story in Amy’s own words:

‘My mind is seriously BLOWN right now.

The call came in at 10:17 p.m. It’s a miracle I was even awake. I thought: ‘How strange. My director Brian Thomas never calls this late. I hope everything is O.K.’

O.K. is an understatement. He told me that on May 13, 2022, our full-length documentary feature film Amy’s Victory Dance will be released on Apple+ and iTunes with additional platforms coming soon after.

This is significant for so many reasons. I was mostly told it was impossible to get a distribution deal for a documentary film. We did. Then when I made the determination for a May 1 release date I was first told this was ‘ambitious.’

May 1st will be the 13th-anniversary of my accident and the same day pre-orders begin for the film.

The process of creating the movie has been 5 years in total. From the beginning, my goal has been to spread hope, possibility, and the idea that we are NEVER a victim of our circumstances.

Now, in a moment in history where hope is in great need, our movie will do just that, spread hope.

The moral of this story is DON’T EVER GIVE UP. No matter how hard or ‘impossible’ something seems, stay focused on your mission and the concrete daily actions needed to see the vision to fruition. It probably won't happen in the time frame you may want (patience is not my virtue), but as we all know, things happen in perfect timing!’

You can count on Answers4Dancers to keep you posted. Watch the DanceBlast for more news on this incredible accomplishment for Amy and Brian. We can’t wait for news on all the good stuff that will follow!

Watch the trailer for Amy's Victory Dance, coming to Apple+ and iTunes on May 13th, with pre-orders open on May 1st!

dbyc coverAmy also wrote a great book: Dance Because You Can - 5 Steps to Transform Trauma Into Triumph. It's a great read for anyone but it's especially inspiring for dancers at any stage of their career.

Amy's book is available from booksellers everywhere.
Here is the link to order on Amazon. 
Here is the link on Barnes &

Follow the film on Instagram & TikTok @amyscvictorydance

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