Six Magical Moments From So You Think You Can Dance!

SYTYCD changed the dance world forever. Each week, America fell in love with not only the dancers, but the choreographers as well. One of the best-loved is Travis Wall, who came up the ranks from Season 2 auditioner to a choreographer with 42 SYTYCD numbers under his belt. We all watched him grow as an artist, and the world watched as well; in 2015, he won the Emmy Award for Choreography. Below, we celebrate Travis – please, join us; it will put pure poetry in your day.

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Killer Tips For Dance Students!

Sometimes we feel like we can’t control the jobs we get, what auditions we win, what reaction we cause... But this is not completely true. When you can look outside your own experience and understand what’s going on in the minds of choreographers, producers, and agents, you see the game in a whole new light. In the videos below, get seriously schooled on perspectives that will enlighten yok.

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