Impress An Agent

impress agent
Corey O'Brien, member since 2012

Getting the attention you want from a dance agent has never been easy. For a very long time, dancers have searched for ‘magic bullets’ that will open the door.  One of them is right here!

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Best Agency 4 Dancers?

agency good
Shannon Blakely, member since 2012

You're serious about your career and know you need an agent to find the best opportunities. But how do you decide which agency is best for you?

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Are Agents Good For Dancers?

agents good
Emmy Frevele, member since 2010

Did you ever wonder how dance agencies became the greatest resource for dancers to book the very best and most desireable jobs? Here's a little history to help put this in perspective.

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40 Agent Turn-ons

agent turn on stephanie
Stephanie Scull, member since 2010

Six agents and managers reveal what matters most when they consider new talent. Be sure to read this before you step into that next agency audition!

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Agent Listings

agency list
Get the scoop on Dance Agencies

Get the answers you need about dance agencies and find out why you want to be a repped dancer. We've compiled a list of dance agencies in major markets plus Canada and overseas.

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Scoop On Agents

scoop agents
Michelle West, member since 2013

Conversations between agents, dancers and staffers were recorded to satisfy your questions about 'agent representation.'  Check 'em out.  They will help you make 'informed' choices.

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