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slow steps

unsink groverIn 1963, Grover played Debbie Reynolds brother in MGM's "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."  Great choreography by Peter Gennaro.



I need your help. I'm a well-trained 17-year-old dancer and all it takes to bring me down is a little criticism about my dancing. In an instant, I can go from "Myra the Marvelous" to "Myra the Miserable." Not good, right? Here's what worries me most… the disasters are never about important stuff.

For example... a few days ago, a girl teased me about struggling to pick up steps. It bothered me for hours. I am a little slow. It made me think I'll never get through a real audition. I was almost ready to ditch dancing altogether. Yesterday, I woke up thinking about that dancer I barely knew and if the truth were told, her ability to pick up steps wasn't much better than mine. So, why did I do that to myself? Could I have ignored the remark? Sure, I could have. But did I? No, no, no! Doubtful little Myra had to stir the pot until she felt miserable. Messes like this happen to me all the time. How can I get a grip on myself?


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