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Yep. Wins are showin' up! Best of all, they’re dancer-generated. A4Ders are sharing what it really takes… to self-produce, direct, write, and perform leading roles in today’s dance world. Premium info is surfacing at the table. We film our Meet-Ups to give everyone access to the discussion that happens around the table.

We cover lots of topics. Our most recent Meet-Up focused on 'Dancer To Watch' BRANDON HUDSON and how he created a music video that's getting noticed. Exploring his story might help you find the courage to take on your next project.

MEET-UP VIDEO:  Don't Just Dance. Stir Things Up.


A preview was sent to industry players before the video was released. Many thanks for these encouraging words.

jim keith 80JIM KEITH, Senior Agent at The Movement Agency

‘How wonderful that this young man had the courage to turn a situation of rejection into something positive. I'm sure his words and video will inspire many other performers who have found themselves in similar situations. We must always remember the reasons we were drawn into this crazy life of dance to begin with. Bravo!’

brian gendece

BRIAN GENDECE, Producer / Manager

'You NAILED it! The dance agency/Community response will be very favorable and I also think that this will make more of your subscribers want to participate in future talks around the table. I'm excited about this. We will talk more when I get back to LA.'

rachel perlmanRACHEL PERLMAN, Dancer / Actress

'This is amazing! What an inspirational and motivating video. Thank you for including me! I’m off to do West Side Story, but keep me posted on further ideas and exciting A4D plans! I’m happy to be involved even from Massachusetts!'

troy burgess sm

TROY BURGESS, iDance Productions, Produce / Manager

'What a great story! The kid’s got skills!'

suzy miller glasses smSUZY MILLER, Journalist, Choreographer, Educator

‘Love the video, so inspiring... the phrasing, the graphics, the captions. And Brandon, I truly love your song. Bravo!'

carrie leeCARRIE LEE, Dancer / A4Der

'This video brought tears to my eyes! What a great story. Seeing Brandon tell the story himself makes it so much more endearing and inspiring. We are all so lucky that you share your home for these meet-ups. I NEED to be in NY for one of them!'

julie leather smJULIE McDONALD, Senior Agent, Founder MSA

'I really like the song. And the artist. He is adorable!’


 A4D is about more than ‘jobs and auditions.’
It’s a community where dancers are growing into faster, better, and more productive versions of themselves.

Our Meet-Up Leaders

These members have been making themselves valuable to each other and have generously participated on ANSWERS4DANCERS for as long as we can remember. Collectively, these members are in SAG-AFTRA, EQUITY, have appeared on Broadway, Regional Tours, National Tours, International Tours, TV shows, National Commercials, Cruise Ships, and Industrials. They've appeared in music videos, been back up dancers for big name stars, and have appeared in large production Las Vegas shows. They all started their careers not knowing where dance would take them, but what they've learned along the way, they freely share with other members to help them find their greatest potential. They represent nearly 100 combined years of membership on A4D! 

Click on their photos to learn more about these dynamic members! We hope you'll join them as we sit around Grover's table and talk about the things that matter most to all of us! See you at the next Meet-Up!















Our July Meet-Up

Meet-Ups are a total win 4 dancers. Sharing works. Whether it happens In Grover’s kitchen, a dance studio, or a neighborhood Starbucks, the results consistently surprise the heck out of us. At the July 24 Meet-Up, A4D's Suzy Miller backed Grover into a corner and probed him for ‘insights’ about his first movie role in ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown.’ She got the truth. So did a dozen other dancers in the room.

Grover gave himself permission to ‘risk everything’ in front of the cameras. He decided to go for it. That was only part of the pay-off. A year later, the same performance secured a co-starring role with Gene Kelly in ‘The Young Girls Of Rochefort.’ The benefits didn’t stop there.

A4Ders... in various states of hope and laughter... took it all in. Thankfully, Garrett Minniti's cameras were rolling and recorded all the personal treasures that surfaced. Take a look at all the fun that was captured.

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