In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, A4D has launched a new series: THE Q SESSIONS designed to help the dance community navigate this challenging time. We have met with Mia Michaels and Vincent Paterson. Watch for updates to this page and the to The Q Sessions coming up!

VINCENT PATERSON joined us for THE Q SESSIONS on April 24, and boy, did he deliver! Vincent shared so many inspiring ideas that you have to watch it over and over to absorb all of the gold. By way of background, when Vincent talked about his mom during our chat, he's referring to her recent serious health concerns. She tested positive for the coronavirus after being exposed by an infected doctor, she had a broken femur, and was quarantined in a facility that added a layer of concern for Vincent as he was unable to be with her. He shares his heart with other issues and he'll inspire you with his practical ideas and strategies to reframe quarantine life.

Vincent Paterson is a world-renowned, award-winning Director and Choreographer whose career spans nearly every genre of the entertainment industry including film, theater, Broadway, concert tours, opera, music videos, television, and commercials.

As a director and choreographer, Vincent created many works for Madonna and Michael Jackson including Madonna's BLOND AMBITION TOUR (on which the film, TRUTH OR DARE is based), and her legendary Marie Antoinette VOGUE performance for MTV, and the choreography for her videos EXPRESS YOURSELF and VOGUE. For Michael Jackson, with whom he worked for over 15 years, Vincent created the BAD TOUR, as well as SMOOTH CRIMINAL and BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR and multiple other Jackson music videos and live performances, from Michael’s Grammy Award appearance to the SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW.

Vincent has worked with a star-studded list of musicians: Paul McCartney, Lionel Ritchie, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Whitney Houston, Lee Ann Rimes, Diana Ross, David Lee Roth, Slash, Van Halen, as well as Madonna and Michael Jackson, to name a few. He has directed commercials through DarkLight Productions and has choreographed over 150 commercials, many winning awards in collaboration with director, Joe Pytka.

Watch the full interview here. You'll also hear Vincent's call to action to VOTE in November:

"If we keep working on our perspective, it will make all the difference.
The healthier our mind, heart, and soul are, the better artists we'll be."
– Vincent Paterson

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