Madison Fregosi- Pumpfidence

Pumpfidence Industry Intensive, Brinn Nicole Gooch Choreo- Please Don't Stop the Music

Grover Dale Your version of slinky is remarkable, Madison. I'm astonished. Two shots, almost two minutes long. When your particular style is needed, you will... Show more 3 years ago

Madison Fregosi - Commercial Jazz - Heels

No Copyright infringement intended, Tiffanie Carson choreo

Madison Fregosi- Jazz, Let Me Think About It

Madison Fregosi, Tiffanie Carson Choreography. No copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi- Dance Reel

Madison Fregosi - Dear Mom

This performance (doesn't) cut corners.... It (is) real. It (is a) raw look into what it (looks) like to be a mother during active addiction (of her...

Lost Without You Madison Fregosi

No copyright infringement intended, choreography by Tiffanie Carson - tcarsonchoreo at Shenandoah Conservatory

Madison Fregosi- Millenium Dance Complex

Choreography by Taiwan Williams., @mdcdance

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Madison Fregosi- Filthy

2/27/18 - tcarsonchoreo - Tiffanie Carson. No copyright infringement intended

Madison Fregosi- Cure

2/13/18 Tiffanie K Carson (TCarsonChoreo) No Copyright Infringement Intended

Madison Fregosi- Mi Gente

1/25/18 tcarsonchoreo, Tiffanie Carson choreography, No copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi - In the Middle

3/15/18 tcarsonchoreo, Tiffanie K Carson choreography- no copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi- What Kind of Man

Tiffanie K Carson (TCarsonChoreo). No copyright infringement intended. 04/05/18

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