Ouch. The COVID-19 PANDEMIC is changing our world!
Broadway theatres and Hollywood sound stages are on ‘lock down!’

Does that mean every pro in the biz isn’t working? Absolutely not. In spite of the challenges thrust upon us … smart dancers are using the ‘lock down’ as a growth opportunity. On the internet, they are polishing their communication tools in advance of the turnaround that will get them back on those stages again.

How do A4Ders polish the good stuff they already have?
faster - better

First, they accept that there are ways to strengthen any asset, including demo reels, submission letters, and the ‘chops’ for serving the needs of every choreographer, director, and producer they hope to work with.

In other words, this is the time to stay home and become the communicator, caretaker, and team player that’s percolating inside you. Reach out online. Grab every new idea you find there. Become the performer that others love, welcome, and enjoy working with. The lock down we’re coping with may not be as bad as we think! – Grover Dale

A4D members collaborate around the table. Pictured left to right, Brandon Hudson, Emily Dann, Kim Ross, Holly Googe, NaTonia Monét, Sarah Perlman, Erik Clack, Gregory Osborne, and Grover Dale

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