Ouch. The COVID-19 PANDEMIC is changing our world!
Broadway theatres and Hollywood sound stages are on ‘lock down!’

Does that mean every pro in the biz isn’t working? Absolutely not. In spite of the challenges thrust upon us … smart dancers are using the ‘lock down’ as a growth opportunity. On the internet, they are polishing their communication tools in advance of the turnaround that will get them back on those stages again.

How do A4Ders polish the good stuff they already have?
faster - better

First, they accept that there are ways to strengthen any asset, including demo reels, submission letters, and the ‘chops’ for serving the needs of every choreographer, director, and producer they hope to work with.

In other words, this is the time to stay home and become the communicator, caretaker, and team player that’s percolating inside you. Reach out online. Grab every new idea you find there. Become the performer that others love, welcome, and enjoy working with. The lock down we’re coping with may not be as bad as we think! – Grover Dale

A4D members collaborate around the table. Pictured left to right, Brandon Hudson, Emily Dann, Kim Ross, Holly Googe, NaTonia Monét, Sarah Perlman, Erik Clack, Gregory Osborne, and Grover Dale


Dani is friends with Grover Dale

Even puppies get celebrity reactions. Here's 4 of them about this video.
David Winters: You have a wonderful way of telling a story...
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Want to see Gregg Burge dazzle an audience? Watch this.

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Juicy tidbit heard last night. 'Musicals In Development' is coming online. A great opportunity for A4Ders, right? Especially for those of you who... Show more

taryn-elle This sounds exciting!!! 3 years ago

‘The power that drives the engine is you,’ said the voice. ‘You not only own, manage, and create the vehicle…you ARE the vehicle. You step on the... Show more

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Inside scoop: The amazing Nancy Dann has been bumped up to Leadership Status in our neck of the woods!

Wanna score at Brian's auditions? Watch 22 dancers do it.

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DANCERS INCOME / Where is it today? How will it change with GOP Reform? At the high end: Bway musical performers net at least $100,000 per year... Show more

Grover Dale You've got a voice. Use it. 4 years ago

Get ready, A4Ders! The Cher project sounds amazing! Auditions on Tuesday Dec 19. Check the Calendar!

Great location and behavior choices. If you guys collaborated on them, keep collaborating. You're good together.

DROP | The Pharcyde | Dance Concept

Dance concept video Location : Culver City. CA Dancer: Joseph Juarez Cinematographer: Gaby Steinkamp Music: "Drop" by The Pharcyde Instagram: Joe_Jua

On Tuesday, 'School Of Rock' is casting dancers in principal roles at Pearl Studios in NYC.. $1974 per week! Check out the Audition Calendar.

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