Maybe you're brand new to Forum4Dancers (formerly iDance2) or you've been a member for a while and never took advantage of this 'Facebook for Dancers' social media feature that's included with your membership. Here's how to use Forum4Dancers:

The first step is to log in. You will see this screen if you're not already logged into your account. Just enter your username and password to access this section of the site:

How To Use F4D

Once you log in, you'll see this information at the top of the page. These are the areas where you can upload photos, videos, and your profile information. Complete this info to help us get to know you. Your profile picture is the icon that others will see next to your name on the wall. A headshot works best. Then fill in all of your details.

forum how to profile

Nearly everything you'll want to do on Forum4Dancers can be navigated from the top of the page. This is what you'll see. You can build a friend network by inviting other members to be friends, upload videos, and send and receive messages (envelope icon). You can search for members using the magnifying glass.

Next you can say what's on your mind. Many members post questions here. "I'm going to audition for The Lion King on Thursday. Is anyone else going?" or "I'm taking class at Broadway Dance Center at 2:00 tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?" or "Looking for advice on what to wear to an audition." id2 nav

Here are the icons and what they're for starting at top LEFT:

House - This will take you to the Forum4Dancers home.
Profile - This is your information others can see. Be sure to upload your headshot.
Photos - Shows you all the photos other members have uploaded.
Videos - Shows all the videos that are uploaded. The most recent uploads are on the top.
Inbox (envelope icon) - This is where you can privately send and receive messages. You will also receive friend invites here that you have to approve to activate.
Globe - Messages can be seen that are sent to all members here.
Two heads - This shows you your pending friend invites.
Small Envelope - This is your inbox.

How To Modify Your Profile Page Cover

search profile edit

Search for it using the magnifying glass icon on the top right of Forum4Dancers. A window will open where you can type in your name and then click on the link with your name next to your photo. This is the only way to get access to the gear symbol you need to update your profile image.



Next, you'll see this view. There's a small gear symbol in the upper right side of your page in the gray circle. Click on that and pull down to MODIFY COVER.

modify cover highlight 

Upload a photo. You can choose one you already have uploaded to Forum4Dancers (Photos/Albums) or from your computer (Upload photos). Horizontal photos work best. You can resize or crop your photo on and save the new image to your computer. Click on "upload photo" and your cover will be changed to the new photo. Maria Teresa changed her Cover photo by following these steps. Good luck!

maria profile coverchange profile cover

NOTE: When you first log into Forum4Dancers the left column shows you the videos that have recently received feedback. Please click on those videos to watch them and leave helpful and supportive comments. Your support of other members is appreciated and helps us build a strong community. To get back to that page, please use the back arrow in your browser.

Go ahead and explore. There is a family of dancers just waiting to get to know you and help you in your journey. You'll be amazed how much fun you can have here!

 If you still have questions, please contact Nancy Dann, our site administrator who can further assist you. Email Nancy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..